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1. larmtek warranty policy covers the main device like camera/NVR/DVR and also key accessories like external power adapter, wireless antenna, Ethernet cable.

2. 1-year warranty is offered for camera/DVR/NVR while 6-month warranty for external power adapter, wireless antenna, Ethernet cable.

3. Warranty will be valid from the purchasing date.

4. If you are experiencing product defect within the warranty period, please prepare the complete product (including accessories like power adapter, wireless antenna, package, etc), the invoice/receipt and the product issue.

5. Fake larmtek products will be not covered under our warranty policy. Please purchase larmtek products from our authorized reseller or stores and make sure you buy the real larmtek products. Please check Where to Buy and see the complete list of authorized larmtek reseller/store in worldwide.

6. As the manufacturer, Shenzhen larmtek will not offer return or repair service to users directly. All of the return or repair service shall be handled by our authorized reseller or store. Please contact the store you bought products for return or repair request. If the store no longer accepts your claim, you may contact us directly by and we will help.

Warranty Exemptions

Conditions disqualifying a product from Warranty include but are not limited to the following:

   1) Any defect caused by improper, misuse or maintenance that is not required by larmtek user manual instruction
   2) Any product beyond the limited warranty period
   3) Product larmtek logo or serial number is damaged
   4) Any defect caused by improper use in the working condition beyond the stated in the user manual for example: working conditions where are too hot/cold.
   5) Any defect caused by natural disaster such as earthquake, fire, flood, thunder strike and so on
   6) Any defect caused by software, virus or improper use of unauthorized larmtek software
   7) Any defect caused by personal disaster or improper maintenance, such as mechanical damage, serious oxidation and rusting, rat damage, over exertion and so on;
   8) Any unauthorised modification to the supporting setting files, or any authorized disassembly and repair;

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