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LarmTek Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System with , Alarm Host, Motion Sensor and Remote Smart Phone Control, IP Camera(optional),Wireless LAN Wi-Fi GSM Cellular Home Security System with Easy DIY Setup, AK01-W

Larmtek WIFI Alarm System is a compact, wireless smart security system for residential installations.

Well suited for houses, apartments, and condominiums. It supports LAN, WiFi and Cellular, and can easily cover up to 656 ft. transmission.

Not only a security system, it is also a home automation system which works with both sensors and smart devices like IP cameras. Users can freely control the system, watch live video or do some advantaged setting like making lamps or heats working when somebody comes home, etc.

What’s more, the RFID module makes it easy to be used by kids and elders.

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The Larmtek AK01 Smart Alarm System is a DIY, easy to use security system with no monthly fees or contracts required. It  connects to the internet by LAN or Wi-Fi and uses cellular SMS as backup communication. The Larmtek App can manage all our official securities accessories such as Contact Sensors, Motion Sensors, Remote Controllers, CO Sensors, Gas Sensors, Smoke Detectors etc.So it allows you to control the alarm system at any time and anywhere. You can set up the system and receive the Arm, Disarm, Alarm(trigger SOS) message in real-time on the App.When the abnormal things happen, the alarm will alert immediately through your smart phone (IOS/Android). You can also watch live video or recorded files through the smart cameras and turn the home appliances ON or OFF remotely by controlling the smart plugs. With the help of IOT-Networking protocol, the system reaction speed is super fast while operating the system from the App. It is quite true that operating from App is just like operating from remote controller. With built-in guidelines including instructions on daily operations and professional settings, users can learn how to run the home security system quickly even without a manual.   

With the help of the Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System, you can enjoy a great peace of mind and keep your house safe. Once dangers happen, you can quickly take correct action to protect your family.

Package Includes: 

1x Host Unit;

2x Remote Controller; 
1x Wireless PIR Detector; 
2x Wireless Door & Window Contact Sensor; 
1x RF Keypad;
1x 5V 2A Power Adapter for Host Unit;
1x 5V 1A Power Adapter for RF Keypad;
1x 1 meter Ethernet Cable;
2x Screws Bag;
1x Specification for Host Unit;
1x Specification for Keypad.

After Sales Service:If you have any questions, please contact us and we will give you a satisfactory answer.Please contact us via QA or email.

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